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Window Security

Window Security Locks Supplied & Fitted 0141 280 1999

Window Security locks supplied

Window Security Locks Fitting

Window Security locks supplied & fitted by Affordable Locksmiths in Glasgow. UPVC, sash, wooden and aluminium windows catered for, for your home security needs.

Burglary is a crime of opportunity and as such most of the attention is placed solely on the state and level of protection on our external doors, leaving window security as an after thought.

The majority of PVC amd sash windows do not create much of a barrier to the would be thief. It is adviseable to fit additional window locks for good home security.

Facts By Affordable Locksmith Glasgow

Window security is more often than not forgotten about until the worst happens and then it becomes a priority but it doesn't have to come to that. By spending alittle now on good quality window locks you could prevent the worst from happening by upgrading your window home security.

What Window Locks?

Your insurance policy states "that if a window is accessable without the aid of a ladder then keyed window locks should be installed."

Affordable Locksmith Glasgow can fit any type of lock to any kind of window. We advise that taking your insurance requirements advice or not you should consider fitting keyed security window locks to all windows in your home.

Our Service

Affordable Locksmith Glasgow will come to your home and access the state of your home security. We will advise on the type and number of window locks required and then arrange a time and date suitable to upgrade your window home security.









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